Images 11-29-18

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Images 11-29-18

Post by BlackWikkett » Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:16 am

Hi All,

Here's a few longer integration Live Stack images. Posting on the fly adjusted images from live stack. Color balance and histogram stretch. Using built in noise reduction and sharpening. These save as 8 bit PNG files that I then ran through Photoshop to clean up vignetting, noise, color balance and intensity

Equipment: RC 6, ZWOASI294 MC Pro, AP CCDT67 Reducer, IDAS D1 Filter
SC camera settings 30 seconds exp, 300 gain 20 offset, color -15c

ImageNGC 281 Stack_61frames_1830s_WithDisplayStretch by Black Wikkett, on Flickr

ImageNGC 281 Pacman Nebula by Black Wikkett, on Flickr

ImageM81 M82 Stack_208frames_6240s_WithDisplayStretch by Black Wikkett, on Flickr

ImageM81 & M82 by Black Wikkett, on Flickr

ImageStack_175frames_5250s_WithDisplayStretch by Black Wikkett, on Flickr
First time using dithering in SharpCap, little too aggressive had to tone it done. lots of cropping in the Photoshop image below

ImageIC2177 Seagull Nebula by Black Wikkett, on Flickr

Thanks -Wikkett

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