Platesolving in script (agin!)

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Platesolving in script (agin!)

Post by jrschmidt2 » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:01 pm

I am following up on a earlier post from about a year ago about platesolving via the script. At that point it seemed like it would require running the tool externally. This is certainly possible, but it would make such a script less general / portable (because it would not be using SharpCap settings, etc.) However, I see from browsing in iPython that SharpCap exposes at least a "BlindSolver" method. This CAN be run and does a blind solve correctly. Unfortunately after completion the "Result" method is null and as such there is no way to access the reuslt.

FYI, the motivation here is that one could basically have a simple software implementation of Celestron's "SkySense", since the CPWI package now has the ability to add reference points into the sky model programmatically. It would be nice to automate this process rather than having to do it manually.

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Re: Platesolving in script (agin!)

Post by admin » Thu Oct 08, 2020 6:33 pm


there is now a way to do this in SharpCap 3.3 – 3.3 introduces a new sequencer tool which gives a more user-friendly way to script SharpCap's functions. The sequencer can trigger the plate solving and resynchronisation code, and it's also possible to run sequence of commands from within the Python scripting.

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SharpCap.Sequencer.RunSequence("MOUNT SOLVEANDSYNC")
That should do exactly what you want, although there is no way to work out whether the plate solve/sync succeeded or not as far as I can tell.

Hope this helps, Robin

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