Upgrade to python 3?

Discussions on extending SharpCap using the built in Python scripting functionality
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Upgrade to python 3?

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are there plans to upgrade the internal version to Python3, especially since Python2.7 has reached its EOL at the beginning of this year?
Or is it possible to interface "externally" with SharpCap via Python?

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Re: Upgrade to python 3?

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SharpCap uses a flavour of Python called IronPython which runs Python code on the Microsoft .NET framework. Currently there isn't a Python 3 version of IronPython, although apparently one is under development. Given the status messages on their github page I would say that a usable version is still a long time off.

One approach that will allow you to communicate with SharpCap from another script is to use the 'Pyro' Python remoting framework - see this post viewtopic.php?t=302

Cheers, Robin
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