Polar Alignment without Polaris (workflow)

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Polar Alignment without Polaris (workflow)

Post by fly_n » Sun Feb 16, 2020 8:24 pm

Hello all,
using scripting in Sharpcap, plate solving and some math in R, I put together a workflow for myself on how to polar align without Polaris.

a) slew with Sharpcap to get regularly spaced pictures
b) use the same script to forward the pictures to plate solving and create a results file
c) fire up R to analyze the picture positions and calculate the offset in alignment
d) locate on a bright star
e) offset by the calculated value
f) manually recenter bright star
g) have fun (or redo to verify)

the scripts and a PDF in english can be found on the german astronomy forum:
https://forum.astronomie.de/threads/ein ... ow.283083/

If you find it interesting, drop me a note.

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Re: Polar Alignment without Polaris (workflow)

Post by admin » Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:00 pm

Hi Norman,

What a great use of scripting! I think that you have basically put together a version of what might be called accelerated drift aligning where you use go to movements in the RA direction rather than the passage of time to bring out any drift in declination that might be resulting from incorrect polar alignment.

Cheers, Robin

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