script to capture RVB

Discussions on extending SharpCap using the built in Python scripting functionality
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script to capture RVB

Post by Bernard »

For those who would be interested and test, I write with my son a script to capture "x" frames RGB and "n" sequences, option dithering (with MetaGuide), dithering is done at the beginning of each sequence and by colors, there is a waiting period to wait for stabilization.
My configuration: camera ZWO ASI 1600mm c, filter wheel ZWO EFW 5x1.25 "(for now I have not left the choice for RGB positions) Red = 2, Green = 3, Blue = 4, I do not yet use luminance.

link: ... d90df99989

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Re: script to capture RVB

Post by mAnKiNd »

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Re: script to capture RVB

Post by turfpit »

An impressive piece of work Bernard (and son). Thanks for posting.

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Re: script to capture RVB

Post by bwells »

Thanks. When I get back out again, I will give this a try!
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