Easy Polar Alignment

Using SharpCap's Polar Alignment feature
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Easy Polar Alignment

Post by MountainAir »

I love my SharpCap Pro subscription! Polar alignment is so fast, easy and accurate.

I am surprised that SharpCap's polar alignment routine works with my RASA (and other front-camera astrographs, like the Celestron SCTs with HyperStar). Some other software packages that do a similar polar alignment routine don't seem to work properly (when using the alt-az knobs to move the target star to its appropriate location, the PA error actually doubles). I am new to this hobby and not very familiar with telescope optics, but I wonder why that is.

Anyway, I am glad I found SharpCap! Great product.

One quick note: SharpCap was crashing when downloading my full-frame image, even when binned 2x2. I think I resolved this by downloading the x64 version when I applied the last update. I always shoot for x64, but somehow had the 32-bit version installed. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I hope it resolves the crashing issue (though there's no reason not to bin a 61 megapixel camera when doing PA).
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Re: Easy Polar Alignment

Post by SonnyE »

A friend suggested using my Guide Scope for Polar Alignment.
Since I have a newer ASI290 MM Mini guide scope that has a much high resolution, I tried it.
Now I do my PA with my guiding as a rule.
Super great results. :!:
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