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Re: Do I need to get a different guidescope?

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:50 am
by Nimitz

did a manual PA with my mount's PS & then turned on SharpCap. Played around with focus and finally saw some stars in the FOV but it was showing no stars detected. Played around with some of the parameters - no joy. Finally decided to just hit the "reset all" button & it solved in an instant .... lol.

Moved to step two, rotated the mount & again it solved within a few seconds. showing me a "good' alignment. Adjusted Az/alt knobs and within about 2 mins got to an 'excellent" PA & called it good.

Should have hit the reset button 2 weeks ago ..... :D

Next up will be turning on PHD2 to get auto guiding running stand alone and then start learning SGP to do everything under one program .... finally feel like I'm actually progressing ...

thx for everyone's help