After Fist Plate Solve Rotate Will not Plate solve

Using SharpCap's Polar Alignment feature
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After Fist Plate Solve Rotate Will not Plate solve

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Been using SharpCap for PA over a year and worked extremely well till last night.
Initial Plate Solve in 0.7 seconds on Clear Moon less Cloudless night.
Rotated either left or right 90 degrees and then failed to plate solve after many attempts.
Version 3.2 and license up to date.
Using Skywatcher AZ EQ6 Mount EQMod, ZWO ASI294MC Pro on Sharpstar 150 HNT 2.8F Newt or Orion 500mm with ASI120mc both scopes did the same.
More exposure and gain still same and I could see the screen had great stars and vector to Align. (Southern Hemisphere).
Use PA in ZWO ASIAir Pro.. same cables camera etc..PA achieved although dislike using it.
Can't see how or what changed after all this time?
Something to do with Plate solve software? Same as always.

Thank you
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Re: After Fist Plate Solve Rotate Will not Plate solve

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Hi Barry,

if you haven't had a chance yet, check out the polar alignment troubleshooting guide : ... leshooting

If you were still seeing the image from the camera update and you were also seeing stars (and SharpCap was spotting the stars) then it's just possible that your initial position was close to the edge of SharpCap's star database around the pole and when you rotated it ended up outside the solvable area.

If you see the same problem again the best bet is to press the 'snapshot' button to save an image from the camera and post it here - we can then investigate and work out what is going on.


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