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Live Stack folder question

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Just upgraded to SharpCap Pro. When taking multiple images they were saved to the desktop SharpCap folder. What is the best way to move them to the camera monitor folder ? I was not able to select all the images at once and had to move them one at a time . Also, is there a way when taking new images, the images can go directly to the camera monitor folder or is the folder for processing only.

Appreciate your assistance.

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Re: Live Stack folder question

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Hi Charles,

you can pick any folder you like as the source for the folder monitor camera - so if you have saved some png images into (say) the folder

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c:\users\charles\desktop\SharpCap Captures\test1
you can then use the Browse button next to 'Source Folder' in the folder monitor camera to select that folder, then click on one of the image files and then the 'Open' button changes to 'All png files' and you just have to click that button to select all the png files in the folder.

Hope that helps,

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