RAW images with SharpCap

Using SharpCap for any Non-Astro use including Microscopy, high speed imaging or anything else!
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RAW images with SharpCap

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I have a 12 bit mono camera (ZWO ASI174MM)
I have been using this with SharpCap to profile LED and Laser light sources.

I need to save the images without expanding the dynamic range to 16 bits.
Just copying the 12 bit colour space into the 16 bit one is okay.

I suspect if I apply gamma correction the image will be distorted?

Any suggestions?

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Re: RAW images with SharpCap

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Hi Jeff,

not really possible I'm afraid as the ZWO camera (like quite a few others) stretches the 12 bit range to 16 bits inside the camera SDK. Your best bet would be to capture to FITS and then post process the data by dividing every pixel by 16.

I don't know how linear these sensors are in the first place, but you are correct that applying a gamma will definitely make them non-linear.


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